Give Freely

Givahoy is a Wellington, NZ, Social Enterprise focused on delivering the best possible giving experience, removing all barriers to giving.

Including cost.

Givahoy is completely free.

Download at http://onelink.to/givahoy from your mobile

About Us

Our Beliefs

Givahoy exists to help people give to anything they believe in. This can be charities, good causes, artists… We just want you to be as generous as you like.

Donations go 100% to your choice of cause. No personal information is shared unless you want it.

We even aggregate your giving to help with tax reciepting.

How You Can Use Givahoy


When you see or hear of a cause using Givahoy, you run the app and give. It’s fast and easy, as if you were handing over cash. No data risk, no fraud, and no charge.

Pledge in the app, fund from your bank account (we send your unique ref in an email).


If you are street collecting, let us know. If you are busking, running an event. Anything that isn’t just an email campaign, we’ll make it easy to collect funds.

The recipient will get aggregated payments, with reports available on donation distribution, for example.


Tell charities you want to give using Givahoy. Tell your friends it’s an option.

Everyone wins.

Causes get more money and analytics, donors get a good record of giving and tax benefits.


Recent Causes

Request an Event

Provide us with the location, time, and date, along with a bank account if not a major charity and you are good to go.