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Install the Givahoy App (for Android and iOS)

Run Givahoy to see collectors relevant to where you are


It’s that easy.

Register your email address for details on how to meet your pledges – it’s just a normal bank payment, so set a budget or pay after pledging.

Making Collecting and Connecting Radically Simple.

  • Cash might be quicker in some circumstances, but then you’d have to carry it, count it and afterwards you wouldn’t have it any more. And you had it for a reason…
  • Contactless is quick, but there are fees, terminals, and someone else choosing how much you are giving.
  • Website payments are slow to run and carry fees.
  • Internet banking is great, but finding the right destination is hard.

It uses what you already have to make generosity seamless, painless and effective. Your phone knows where you are, and Givahoy uses that to automatically select the charity that has triggered your interest.

This could be, for example, signage around town, a collector with a Givahoy beacon in their pocket or an event.

You run the app, promise what you like in a couple of taps and carry on. No need to break your conversation, your concentration, or even your stride.

Then, when it suits, you go to your internet banking and transfer whatever funds suit you to cover your promises. Givahoy is effectively as secure as your bank and will *never* ask for payment information.

One suggestion is to save Givahoy as a payee in your Internet Banking, and then set a budget for your monthly spontaneous giving.

Why would you not give?

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