It has been an interesting week or so. The day job keeps me busy and life is unquestionably far from empty. now that at least part of the development has been outsourced, I am thinking more and throwing more of the wider issues into play.

For example, I have not yet founded the charity. Obviously I have financial restrictions, and a couple of leads into specialists have led nowhere to date,  and I don’t wish to waste time for no good reason by submitting a half-cooked or misleading application into Charities Services. So I put a couple of questions out into the ether to see what the perceptions on this might be.

An immediate response was the perception that Givahoy’s charity activities could be interpreted as money laundering. This was a surprise to me – I’ve worked in money laundering detection and didn’t look at it this way at all. My interpretation is that if someone wanted to hide their funding of a questionable charity then they could load up payments through Givahoy into the charity, masking their contribution. It wouldn’t work – Givahoy is geared around small transactions; reporting will be transparent, showing all the ins and outs – but validation of charities is, to my mind, the responsibility of government. Which isn’t to say that I wouldn’t disagree with their verdict.

And “what if it isn’t a charitable purpose?” Without that, Givahoy would be a different proposition, it’s fair to say, but would that be the end of it? Well… no. There’s the easy option: just push the donations straight on to the charities and offer no tax receipts. And there’s the hard option: make all the payments and ask the charities nicely to provide receipts.

Another ongoing perception is around Pushpay: “isn’t it just the same?” And my answer remains no. They are a payment method, have fees and are focused on static locations. Givahoy is a payment aggregator, has no fees and supports  flexible locations along with proximity.

Much of which just comes down to my communication. I’m not crystallising the proposition yet. Which means I’m in the position of saying “wait and see.” I know it’s different and I can’t wait to show you.

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