Givahoy Overview and The Kiwi Landing Pad

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Kiwi Landing Pad’s Sales and Marketing Jam today. Very different content and feel to the local entrepreneur meetings. It was more mature, focused on business more than monetising, and more day-to-day than the perpetually disrupting environments that have been held aspirationally. Very practical and pragmatic, less idealistic and, perhaps pure.

One challenge out of the day was to have a Twitter pitch.140 characters describing the business. Can’t be done, of course, for a 2-sided business, but I gave it a go:

Givahoy offers zero-fee, receipted charity donations using proximity and location for safe and effective payments

A lot of the rest was good, solid, common-sense advice, grounded in the US business environment (based around SF, but a strong awareness of the other States). But I kept coming back to this, and how I can succinctly describe Givahoy.

We provide a secure, user-controlled environment for pledging payments, supporting collector-triggered donations.

The user elements are:-

  1. Safe data and secure transactions
  2. The fastest and easiest way of making payments at the user’s discretion
  3. Co-ordinated and controlled payments, enabling effective receipting for tax purposes
  4. Pledging and slow payments put control and flexibility completely in the user’s hands

The customer elements are:-

  1. Zero-fee transactions
  2. A communications channel to otherwise anonymous donors
  3. A source of data, enabling meaningful analytics
  4. A flexible channel to use for future campaigns

The revenue channels are:-

  1. Tiered reporting. e.g.
    1. Free: daily total $ by collection point
    2. $100 per month: Detail on number of donors, spread of donation size, geographic context and performance
    3. $500 per month: Segment analysis – how does this charity compare to other charities with similar goals? Wallet share. Geographic distribution of donors
  2. Data Analytics and Targeted Communications: Enabling customers to tailor messages to the target market
  3. Non-charity activity: marketers wishing to use location or beacon data will be able to leverage the Givahoy user base, so they won’t need to have a new app installed
  4. Non-charity payments: street vendors, buskers, market stallholders will be able to receive payments. These could be charged per withdrawal, for example, making it only as expensive as the customer chooses.

No way that sticks in 140 characters, but I know that isn’t the point.

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