The Co-Founder Conundrum

I don’t currently have any co-founders. Clearly I could not have come as far as I have on my own, but as yet no-one has stepped into that further commitment to making this real.

If I had a co-founder, then I might have entered the pitch selection for the Kiwibank Fintech Accelerator, but I had to withdraw without that. Not only was a co-founder a requirement, but also any high-intensity work would be impossible to for one. At least, this one. I believe I need between one and three co-founders. And here’s why.

I bring vision and flexibility, having conceived this and with a technical awareness enabling me to build a bit of everything. I can also add a lot of value to the actual revenue proposition: targeting, analysing and segmenting.

There are clearly holes in my skillset: experience in business-building, design skills for product use, deep technical skills to enable scaling, and customer/market engagement. At any given stage of the business, those skills can be bought, but there needs to be a significant presence from day one to ensure they are not overlooked.

Then there are the attitudinal traits. This is not a ticket-clipping business. Givahoy only works when we add value. We earn trust and we deliver on it. If we oversell, if we mislead, if we bias our outcomes, then we fail. Equally, if we don’t become profitable, then it’s not sustainable. There is a hard edge to the positive results. A co-founder needs to have that focus.

A co-founder must also not “be like me”. Diversity is hard, but essential, and it is proven to constantly develop when it is pursued. Agreement must be through honest truth, not just echoes.

And in return? In theory, Givahoy could make everyone wealthier and more generous. We are massively scalable in both channel and geography. We can make an impact that disproportionately advantages the less well-off, without taking a political position (much as I, personally, might like to). This is a real chance to guide and challenge.

Maybe you, like me, might be thinking that if this is real, then I really need to make this happen. I hope so. Because that’s incredibly exciting.

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