Change Agents

match-1100912_960_720Who am I doing this for?

This is not the same question as “why am I doing this?”, nor “who is Givahoy for?”. I’ve answered that in other places. This is also not a market analysis question, since, while there is always a need for focus in specific opportunities, the market is everyone.

Instead, I am thinking about those people that I want to benefit from this. Not their causes, but who they are.

People who want change. People who want to enable change. People who want to change.

Relevantly, I fit in each of these groups. And there is, of course, some crossover.

People who want change

Cause-based activity. Many charities, for example, exist to effect change. They are not looking for sustainable and managed processes. They want to resolve an identified problem, and meet the needs of those disadvantaged by it. Givahoy wants to help them get what they need, both financially and in terms of engagement.

People who want to enable change

Helping others. Giving to individuals and groups facilitates their goals and we give because we want the recipient to make this change as they are in a position to do so and we may not be.

People who want to change

Becoming more. There are many people who want to express themselves, creatively or otherwise, but cannot do so owing to many pressures, including the difficulty/costs of payments. One fewer hurdle is a start.

For me, I want to give more freely, I want to empower those who are doing incredible things, for themselves and others, and I want to be in a position to actively engage with them in achieving their goals. Givahoy can do this.


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