Clubs and Societies

Clubs and societiesSome time back, I met up opportunistically with the remarkable @vivster. She was cautiously positive (in my opinion!) about Givahoy. Her background in charitable activity gave her excellent and relevant experience.

But there was one thing especially that stuck with me and has been worming away since then. It’s a completely valid and consistent use of Givahoy, in a way that hadn’t occurred to me – which is how I like it: Givahoy is a platform/channel rather than a solution.

So what does this look like, and how is it different?

From a club-goer’s point of view, it is pretty much standard Givahoy: they attend the meeting, and when prompted for attendance fees, they run the app. It shows the club or society being attended, using the beacon or location as set up. They hit the fee due and that’s it.

For the club it’s a bit more subtle. They obtain a Givahoy beacon as usual, of course. Then they provide a list of the email addresses of the members. This means that whenever one of these members makes a Givahoy transaction to them, they can see that it was done – the usual Givahoy gift is anonymous by design.

The club can immediately identify attendees (and non-attendees), they can operate a trust system (where people pay when they can), and they get the usual benefits of supporting members who might otherwise be late because they are getting cash out, as well as minimising their cash handling.

Putting cash and running a POS terminal to one side, the options would be operating a spreadsheet and encouraging people to pay, along with more expensive and complex online payment options.

A fee of, for example, $2 per email could apply. That would be a one-off charge which would enable that real-time notification and reporting. A single payment per event covering all attendees will simplify the banking as well.

So this is of benefit to clubs, and convenient for members. For Givahoy, it offers a compelling motivation for people to install the app and give it a try.

And that is my focus.

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