Help Wanted

I’m revisiting the Kiwibank Fintech Accelerator ( It was a big deal last year, doing the market validation exercise, and it’s a bigger deal this year. I also have work commitments in the New Year that are not exactly flexible. There were many spent hours fitting around work and life trying to get hold of fundraisers and make time for interviews, as well as understanding the answers. This is not a one-person job.pexels-photo-303040.jpeg

So I’m asking for help.

There are several things going on here:

  • Market Validation Course (budget $0, time required manageable)
  • Fintech Accelerator (budget $x available as part of the accelerator, time required 35+ hours per week)
  • Equity v hourly rate v set pay (all negotiable)

You get to go through an accelerator with an existing MVP, so if you want to influence strategy without getting bogged down in technology, you absolutely can.

You get to work with a pitch that is genuinely of benefit to all parties to the product: everyone can win with Givahoy.

You get to help everyone be more generous.

There are two kinds of people needed here especially, although they might just be a solitary individual. A Hustler and a Peopleperson.

The Hustler needs to own the talking to prospective recipients of gifts, such as charities, marae, churches, entertainers, museums and so on. And they can bring their needs to the Peopleperson and me.

The Peopleperson needs to own the relationship with givers, listening to opportunities they identify and bringing them to the Hustler and me.

It’s pretty loose, because it’s too small to define things, and the right people pretty much won’t snugly fit into whatever I might think.

One thing: you need to work with me. Which, if you have an interest in learning about SQL, databases, Excel and fighting fraud especially, might prove fruitful. You might need a tolerance for terrible jokes.

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