Busking to the Cashless

Here’s an interesting thing:


It’s clearly good, and enables people without cash to support buskers they like. Buskers get money without needing to stop performing. What’s not to like?

Well, buskers need a device. There’s usually a regular cost in that.

It only works for contactless payment, and lots of people don’t use cards or phones for this.

The ticket is firmly clipped by payments providers, which is one reason that contactless payments have failed to ignite in certain sectors (either because of margins or because of perception).

To use the terminal, givers have to take out their wallet/purse and proffer their card. In a crowded area, that’s a risk. And you need to trust the busker isn’t asking you to give in increments that are higher than you want.

These are among the reasons that Givahoy is the way it is. The Givahoy busker has a beacon, such that everyone within 5 metres can pick it up and give at the level they choose. No need to queue, no need to confirm amount, no need to take out a wallet. In addition to this, with Givahoy, the giver can see who the busker was, and the busker has the opportunity reach out to help fans support them in future (gigs, recordings, Facebook page or whatever).

If you think there’s more and better that can be done… well, I’m listening.

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