Know Your Future Donor have put up a neat analysis of a recent Blackbaud report on
donors. Report summary
My attention was drawn to a chart on mobile giving. While I believe this will change as older givers grow more comfortable with mobile giving, it shows that younger givers are already connected with the medium, as you’d expect.
65% website
37% app
32% text to donate
App giving is close to home for me, and this is a high figure, in my view. Although once people have a trusted app installed, this makes sense. I want Givahoy to be such an app.
Texting to donate is notoriously inefficient, from a money perspective. Fees to the service provider and the networks make it of limited appeal.

This is where I would like to do some research. Most NZ charity donation pages are, obviously, owned by the fundraising arm of the charity. This means they ask for more information than they need for the gift. Name, address, phone number, employer? How many prospective givers are turned away by this?
How many people tell a collector they will give later and then simply don’t (for whatever reason)?
How many people would give, but don’t have the money *right now* and then never get back to it?
How many people don’t give because they don’t wish to waste the donation on a middleman – an agency, payment provider or other assorted fees?

An informed and connected donor base will absolutely and rightly ask questions. We need good answers.

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