School Donations

The school which my son attends is a pretty normal NZ school. There are frequent collections and charity campaigns. The children themselves also run campaigns and ask for gold coin donations, supported by the school.

This is great, of course. The children get to think big, to challenge their organisational skills, to stimulate others, and to make a difference.

They also are required to manage cash, which is where I believe we’re putting too much on the children.
Cash is intrinsically a temptation, as it is untraceable, easily stolen and lost, and awkward to physically handle.
Givahoy offers a simple and effective option to this. The schools’ locations can be set up as donation points themselves for any campaign the school wishes. Furthermore, beacons can be provided to the children for specific periods of time and all donations are logged and controlled with no cash changing hands. Plus, and perhaps most importantly, the charity gets visibility of the fundraiser themselves so they can make appropriate acknowledgement.

Between these dates, this fundraiser, at this school, raised $x from y donors for your cause. Let’s celebrate!

Why not?

auditorium benches chairs class
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