Happy New Year!

As you may be aware, the “Ahoy!” part of “Givahoy” comes from an affection for the romanticised pirate of yore. Think Crimson Pirate rather than Blackbeard, Errol Flynn more than Captain Morgan. That’s the proximity/location side of the Givahoy equation if you like.

Using this information, we can set up treasure hunts. Or cafe treks, pub crawls or whatever you would like. If we are provided with your locations and clues/directions, we’ll set these up for you.

gray wooden coin box with green leaf plant on gray sand
Photo by Pixabay on

When the players go to your first location and run Givahoy, they’ll see the first clue. Make a $0 donation and refresh the list and the next clue will show.

The locations can be beacon-driven (for smaller areas, or where the location is precise (e.g. a cafe or house)), or location-driven (for parks, stations etc).

As a suggestion, if it’s a walking set, then use beacons, but if it’s bus/car/bike etc, then use locations.

Drop us a line ( if you’d like to try it out!

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