Contactless Giving

I had some…thoughts about a new campaign, so I’m transcribing them here:

<Deep breath> So the @SalvationArmyNZ is running their Winter Appeal right now. This is good. Give how you want. @givahoy will pass on 100% of donations nationally. But that isn’t what I’m going to tweet about here.

They have partnered with Windcave to put contactless payment terminals in bus stops. *This* is what interests me. It perpetuates the “big charity partner” imbalance in collections. Not only can they pay more for ads, but they will be in a position to get tech support like this.

It is also quite easy to accidentally make a donation. While the rogue terminal swiping people’s contactless card is, pretty much, a myth, a terminal like this is legitimate. And if you wanted to check if a stolen card was working…

*Please* don’t go waving around your cards in public places. It’s just not wise. A $3 gift is _fine_. Donors get no receipt for their donation, and the charity gets no insight. It’s zero connection, zero heart. This might be a lot to one person and negligible to another.

I understand why they are doing it. It’s easy and contactless payment is widely available now. But it’s not free, it’s hollow, and there are risks. It’s not for everyone, giving or receiving.

I built Givahoy so that people could give sincerely. It helps both givers and fundraisers without inequity. I sincerely believe that if it’s easy and small amounts are facilitated, that people will be perpetually generous. It’s who we are.

I would like to add that there are no bad actors here (allowing for differences of opinion on charities). Everyone is trying to do good. I’m strongly of the view that we can all do and achieve more, and get more back!

#fundraising #contactless #giving

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