Oh boy.



What we have here is one of those opportunities. No, I don’t have a prototype. No, I don’t have mass-market validation.

But here’s the thing.

If this goes well – or even ok – then a lot more people are aware of Givahoy, and me, and everything else can move onto shorter timeframes.

I’m thrilled and honoured at the company I’ll be keeping.

Why “Givahoy”?

This isn’t a post about “why would I use Givahoy?”. Not yet, anyway. This is more about the name. It won’t take long.

It’s just 2 parts: “Give” and “Ahoy”.

Givahoy turns around the traditional transaction model, where the giver basically provides all the information to the recipient for them to take the money. With Givahoy, the recipient just gets the funds, and no unnecessary information is carried with the transaction.

As for “Ahoy”, it’s taking the nautical word used as greeting (or warning or farewell, but not in this case) and using it as a location awareness.

Givahoy is proximity-based giving. And the Romaticised pirate iconography is just a personal preference…

Although, this is more me…


Good Day

Welcome to Givahoy.

Givahoy is a new way of giving. It takes out all the unnecessary and legacy baggage from transactions in order to deliver a zero-cost (to consumer and recipient) giving platform.

Givahoy is a great believer in transparency, with privacy, rather than anonymity, at the heart of what we do.