Cashlessness on TV! Kind of.

Last week I had the excellent opportunity to speak at Techweek on the subject of cashlessness. All were ANZ people, but I was able to bring a slightly different perspective, both from fraud analysis and from Givahoy’s generosity angle. You can watch it here: I think it’s worth elaborating on my contribution a little.Continue reading “Cashlessness on TV! Kind of.”

A Word on Charitable Donations

You may already be aware that charitable donations can be used to get a tax refund. Every receipted donation over $5 can be listed on the IR526 form Photo by on Here’s the summary from You have: made a donation of $5 or more to an approved donee organisation where the paymentContinue reading “A Word on Charitable Donations”

School Donations

The school which my son attends is a pretty normal NZ school. There are frequent collections and charity campaigns. The children themselves also run campaigns and ask for gold coin donations, supported by the school. This is great, of course. The children get to think big, to challenge their organisational skills, to stimulate others, andContinue reading “School Donations”

Know Your Future Donor have put up a neat analysis of a recent Blackbaud report on donors. Report summary My attention was drawn to a chart on mobile giving. While I believe this will change as older givers grow more comfortable with mobile giving, it shows that younger givers are already connected with the medium, as you’d expect.Continue reading “Know Your Future Donor”