Is it for me?

If you are raising funds for yourself, for a good cause or part of a larger charitable activity, then Yes!

Givahoy is not for transactions, passive regular giving or large donations expecting recognition

Where is my unique ID?

Check your spam or junk folder please! If there is no email there, please contact us with your email address and we’ll find the necessary information and correct/resend accordingly.

Is it safe?

We don’t ask for personal information.

We don’t want user names and passwords.

We don’t want credit card information.

That’s three ways in which we are different. We cannot take money from you. The only funds that can be distributed are those you put in.

Do I need to credit my account?

Not straight away. You can even start pledging before registration, to see if you like it and because you want to make sure *this* donation goes through.

You can budget a figure a month in advance or arrears, or top-up as and when it suits.

How do I credit my account?

Take that Unique ID we emailed to you and head to your Internet Banking page or bank app. Search for Givahoy or use 06-0513-0402478-00, putting that Unique ID as reference.

We recommend saving Givahoy as a regular payee – that way you don’t need to remember the Unique ID! If you want to budget, you can make a regular payment right then.

How much does Givahoy cost?

Nothing. Not to donors, and not to fundraisers.

So why do this?

To help people be generous and to help good causes raise money. Really.

Is there no monetisation strategy?

There is. We will sell reporting, analysis and anonymous targeting of donors. We will never pass on contact details except at donor request.

Givahoy in a phrase?

Be excellent to each other!

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