Givahoy for Fundraisers

Givahoy’s focus is on removing all barriers to giving so people can be as generous as they want to be. This means that we would want as many fundraisers as possible to use Givahoy, since unavailability is a barrier!

Fundraising is not just about charity. Givahoy is about unilateral generosity. This includes charities, of course, but also buskers, tips, the homeless.

To protect donor information, we do not pass on givers’ details to the fundraisers. While we recognise this is something many fundraisers feel they need, it is certainly no worse than bucket collection, and there is also the opportunity to contact people with relevant, targeted messages through us. And if a fundraiser asks for contact information from the donor, there is nothing stopping the donor from providing it. E.g. If a charity wished to thank its top donors, then it could do so using aggregated donations, but the message would be via Givahoy unless the donor had specified otherwise. 

Givahoy also provides reporting to fundraisers. Locations and time windows for donations can help understand motivations and plan future activity. As part of the reporting data, Givahoy will have access to a better understanding of giver behaviour and help understand motivations, wallet share and many other factors.

All charitable donations are made via the Giving Technology Charitable Trust, so the requirement for receipting is also removed from the charities.

So our message to fundraisers of all kinds, from charities to buskers, from schools to museums, is that we want people to be as generous as they want to be, to you.

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