Finally, philanthropy made easy.

Givahoy is a Social Enterprise using modern technology to streamline charitable contributions and providing charities and supporters with a seamless experience. Society has evolved past cheques and cash. Using Givahoy allows the electronic transfer of funds from support to charity.

So why not give? This zero cost platform allows the user to donate to causes they support with ultimate ease. The app also boasts a location feature so the user can see what charities and causes are in their immediate area.

Want to keep giving? Your existing internet banking allows funds to be added (using your allocated ID). The user can distribute the funds when and where they want with the touch of a button.

Give from your heart, not your pocket!

Product Features:

  • Proximity feature enables supporters to donate funds to local organisations
  • Never any transactions fees or charges for the supporter and the charity
  • Personal data and payment information are not stored in the app, so we never risk your identity or financial security
  • Distribute funds to multiple organisations
  • Become more connected to your community
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