Jim Boutcher


This perky chap is a data provocateur, used to attacking problems from multiple directions to identify truth and add relevant insight. This has taken him from the UK to New Zealand through big businesses and small and ending up identifying and preventing fraud for Kiwibank and, currently, ANZ. When mixed in with several years at Loyalty NZ,  in a high-pressure marketing data environment for Fly Buys, it’s all led to Givahoy: a low-risk, fast, fraud-averse, data-gathering tool that benefits pretty much everyone.

Outside work (and work) he loves his family, his football, his beer and his terrible, terrible jokes (along with a bit of politics). He’s @newzedland on the Twitter and jim@givahoy.com.

Massive input has come from others, but the buck really does stop with him.

Tech support: Andy, Dev: Nik, Social Meedja: Geniesa, Design, Nick, Company stuff: Alastair, Intelligence: David, Words: Aaron (and Fiverr).

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